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Microscale Thermal and Power Management
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Welcome to Nextreme Labs

Nextreme Labs is staffed by world-class experts in electronics, thermal management and packaging technology. Learn about our technology, scientific breakthroughs and services that can help you develop innovative solutions for tough thermal and power management problems.

Technology Overview
Nextreme’s microscale technology addresses thermal and power issues at their core. more >

Nextreme’s team of engineers offers sophisticated modeling, design and engineering services to deliver fully optimized microscale thermal and power generation solutions using standard and customized products. more >

Helpful Links
Find useful information and resources for cooling, temperature control and power generation. more >



developments in the lab

Nextreme Awarded Patent for Innovative High-temperature Solar Thermoelectric Power Generator - New thermoelectric device design and materials technology can boost solar thermal energy conversion efficiency.More >

Nextreme Expands Engineering Consulting Services to Rapidly Solve Thermal And Power Management Issues - Nextreme’s team of engineers can accelerate the development of new applications that are currently thermally constrained. More >

Nextreme's OptoCooler HV14 Passes Stringent 3000g Shock Testing Standard - The OptoCooler HV14 has passed the 3000g shock test as defined in the MIL-STD 883E Method 2002 Mechanical Shock standard.
More >

Nextreme Breaks Temperature Barrier with the OptoCooler HV14 - The OptoCooler HV14 is the industry’s first high voltage, low current thin-film thermoelectric cooler (TEC) targeted at laser diode cooling for the telecommunications market to achieve a 60°C temperature difference between its cold and hot sides. More >