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Microscale Thermal and Power Management
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From design through production, Nextreme offers a broad range of capabilities.

Nextreme is committed to surpassing our customers’ expectations in developing, qualifying, applying, producing and marketing cost-effective solutions for embedded thermal and power management.

Modeling Services
Nextreme routinely conducts analytical and numerical thermal modeling at all design levels from component to module to subsystem. The level of complexity and the objectives of the project dictate the approach and the tools used.
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Design Services
Design services are often beneficial to organizations without existing thermal engineering expertise or when existing resources are limited. Nextreme works with the customer to provide design solutions that are the best fit for the customer's needs and budget. More >

Engineering Services
The use of Nextreme’s engineering services can enable rapid and successful prototyping and accelerate a program as well as reduce program delays.
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ISO 9000 Certification

wiptrac Nextreme uses the WIPtrac manufacturing execution system for ISO 9000 quality standards compliance for work in process, integrated SPC quality and shop floor control.
master control Nextreme uses MasterControl™ Process Management and Document Management Software to improve efficiency, quality, compliance, and speed time to market.

Contact us for evaluation, analysis, prototype, test, verification or production assistance, or call us at +1 919-597-7300.