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Microscale Thermal and Power Management
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Watch a video demonstration of our technology or download an audio presentation on how our products can enable new applications or solve a variety of thermal issues in electronics.

Introducing Frosty - the World’s Smallest Ice Maker

Made possible by the Nextreme Thermal Copper Pillar Bump.

Candle Power Generation

Discover the power of thin-film thermoelectrics. Watch as a high-brightness LED is powered by the heat of a candle.

Thermal Charger

Storing energy harvested from waste heat using thermoelectrics enables an alternative energy source for autonomous applications

Laser Diode Cooling

Embedded thermoelectric coolers improve the performance of laser diodes in the smallest packages

Thermobility™ Wireless Power Generation

Thermobility™ is a new power generation technology that uses heat as a source of electricity for low-power wireless applications.

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