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Microscale Thermal and Power Management
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power generation

Nextreme’s thin film thermoelectric materials deliver the world’s smallest thermoelectric generator (eTEG) with the highest output power density. Optimized to provide power for high heat fluxes (>20 W/cm²), Nextreme's eTEG enables convenient conversion of heat to electrical power in a very thin, lightweight form factor.  Five to 20 times thinner than conventional bulk thermoelectrics, Nextreme’s thin-film thermoelectric materials convert waste heat into electrical power using a thin, nanoscale material  which positions it to address market opportunities that standard bulk thermoelectric devices and other energy scavenging or energy reclamation systems cannot address.

Useful for waste heat conversion applications, the thin-film eTEG can deliver electrical power generation in energy-limited locations. The eTEG is produced using  a scalable, cost-effective manufacturing process, and can be used for applications in markets such as: automotive, government and aerospace, industrial medical and wireless sensor networks.

This device is not much bigger than a piece of confetti. In low-grade thermal environments, the eTEG generates micro-watts of power – enough thermal energy conversion to power remote sensors and other distributed devices.

How it works

Nextreme’s eTEG devices generate electricity via the Seebeck Effect where a voltage is produced from the temperature differential produced by heat flow through the device.

eTEG HV14 Module

The eTEG HV14 provides microscale power generation capabilities.
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eTEG HV37 Module

eTEG HV37 - for battery charging, medical implants or combined into large arrays for high power applications
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eTEG HV56 Module

The eTEG HV56 high-voltage thermoelectric power generator delivers steady-state clean energy at very low temperature differentials.
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Thermobility WPG-1
The Thermobility™ WPG-1 is a new power generator that uses heat as a source of electricity for low-power wireless applications.
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OptoCooler UPF40 Module
An easy-to-use, self-contained evaluation kit for conducting desktop demonstrations of the HV56 eTEG device.

Kit consists of a HV56 eTEG power generator, a thick film heater, heat sink / fan assembly and two type K thermocouples.
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