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Microscale Thermal and Power Management
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Cooling & Temperature Control

Better Thermal Management: Smaller. Faster. (Cooler or Warmer)

Nextreme delivers the only fully-scalable technology solution for today’s thermal challenges.

eTEC (embedded thermoelectric component)
For the most efficient in-package or thru-package hot spot cooling, Nextreme eTECs act as a microscale heat pump, providing pinpoint thermal control for high heat fluxes. Nextreme devices are very thin, able to embed directly inside a semiconductor package and even fit inside a TO-56 package. More>

Nextreme is developing cooling and temperature control solutions for a variety of applications including high-volume electronic packages, cooling microprocessors, graphic processors, and optoelectronic components. Nextreme devices are being used in a number of ways to provide cooling and temperature control:

  • Precision temperature control - since thermoelectrics can either cool or heat the chip depending on the current direction, they can be used to provide precision temperature control for chips and optoelectronic components that must operate within specific temperature ranges regardless of ambient conditions.
  • Hot spot cooling - because of the small size of Nextreme's products and the relatively high density at which they can be placed on the active surface, these devices can be applied only where needed, reducing the added power necessary to drive the cooling and reduce the general thermal overhead on the system. More>

How it Works
Nextreme's thin-film thermoelectric products make use of the Peltier Effect: when an electric current is driven through a circuit containing a junction of two dissimilar materials, heat is absorbed at one junction (the cold side) and released at the other junction (the hot side). This enables the devices to either cool or heat an object depending on the applied dc polarity.


OptoCooler HV14 Module
OptoCooler HV14 - a high voltage thermoelectric cooler optimized for standard circuitry and power requirements.
More >

eTEC HV56 Module
The eTEC HV56 thermoelectric cooler is designed for high heat electronic applications.
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eTEC Custom Coolers
The eTEC can be assembed in arrays for custom thermal management solutions.
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OptoCooler UPF4 Module
OptoCooler UPF4 - well suited for opto-electronics applications.
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OptoCooler HV37 Module
OptoCooler HV37 - ideal for optoelectronics applications with high heat-flux requirements, particularly semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) and laser diodes.
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