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Microscale Thermal and Power Management
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February 2013 [PDF] Laird Technologies Acquires Nextreme Thermal Solutions Technology


November 2012 [PDF] Nextreme Expands Thermal Management Product Line with New eTEC MA Series

November 2012 [PDF] Nextreme Nextreme Offers New Thermoelectric Series for Energy Harvesting

October 2012 [PDF] Nextreme Enables New Generation of Compact PCR Thermal Cyclers for Real-Time DNA Amplification and Analysis

April 2012 [PDF] Nextreme Achieves 55°C Cooling Performance in Production-Level Thin-Film Thermoelectric Coolers

February 2012 [PDF] Laird Technologies and Nextreme Thermal Solutions Announce World-Wide Strategic Distribution and Design Partnership

February 2012 [PDF] Nextreme Achieves New Milestone in Cooling Performance for Thin-Film Thermoelectrics


November 2011 [PDF] Nextreme Develops Energy Harvesting Subsystems for Wireless Sensors, Power Generation and Data Acquisition In Plumbing and HVAC Applications

May 2011 [PDF] Nextreme and APEI Developing Thermal Energy Harvester for Turbine Health Sensor System

April 2011 [PDF] Nextreme Announces Thermobility Wireless Power Generator Evaluation Kit for Sensor and Security Applications

February 2011 [PDF] Nextreme Introduces Thermobility Wireless Power

January 2011 [PDF] Nextreme Develops New OptoCooler HV37 Thermoelectric Module for Photonics Cooling


November 2010 [PDF] Nextreme's New eTEG HV37 Advances Energy Harvesting for Self-Powered Distributed Sensors and Sensor Networks

November 2010 [PDF] Nextreme Scales Up With New eTEC HV56 Electronics Cooler

November 2010 [PDF] Nextreme's New eTEG HV56 Thermoelectric Power Generator Cranks Up The Juice

October 2010 [PDF] Nextreme Names John Goehrke as CEO

September 2010 [PDF] Nextreme Awarded Patent for Innovative High-temperature Solar Thermoelectric Power Generator

July 2010 [PDF] Nextreme Expands Engineering Consulting Services to Rapidly Solve Thermal And Power Management Issues

July 2010 RTI International, Nextreme Thermal Solutions 'Hot Spot' Electronics Chip Cooler Technology Earns R&D 100 Award

March 2010 [PDF] Nextreme Appoints Jim Mundell as Chief Operating Officer

January 2010 [PDF] Nextreme Demonstrates Laser Cooling for TO-Can Packages


December 2009 [PDF] Nextreme Announces High Temperature Gold-Tin Thermoelectric Module for Optoelectronic Cooling

November 2009 [PDF] Nextreme and Infinite Power Solutions Announce Thin-Film Thermal Charger Application

October 2009 [PDF] Nextreme's OptoCooler HV14 Passes Stringent 3000g Shock Testing Standard

July 2009 [PDF] Nextreme and Lockheed Martin Announce Cooperation Agreement for Development of Next Generation Thermal and Power Management Solutions

July 2009 [PDF] Nextreme Raises $8 Million in Corporate Funding

March 2009 [PDF] Nextreme Breaks Temperature Barrier with the OptoCooler HV14

March 2009 [PDF] Nextreme Doubles the Efficiency and Power Output of Its Thin-Film Thermoelectric Power Generators

March 2009 [PDF] Nextreme Announces Manufacturing Process for Chip-Scale Cooling Using Thin-Film Micro-Refrigerator

January 2009 [PDF] Nextreme Ships New OptoCooler HV14 High Voltage, Low Current Thermoelectric Module

January 2009 [PDF] Nextreme Controls Polymerase Chain Reaction Process with Microscopic Peltier Heat Pump


December 2008 [PDF] Nextreme Announces New eTEG Thermoelectric Power Generation Evaluation Kit

October 2008 [PDF] Nextreme and Voxtel Announce the World's First Optocooler Equipped Avalanche Photodiode

October 2008 [PDF] Nextreme Pumps Up with New OptoCooler High Voltage Series

October 2008 [PDF] Nextreme Gets the Lead Out with RoHS Compliance

August 2008 [PDF] Nextreme Raises $13 Million in Series B Financing

July 2008 [PDF] Nextreme Receives Industry Accolades for Technology Breakthroughs

June 2008 [PDF] Nextreme is Awarded NC Green Business Fund Grant to Enhance Efficiency of Thermoelectrics

June 2008 [PDF] Nextreme Thermal Solutions and Princeton Lightwave to Jointly Develop Power Efficient Cooling Solutions for Next Generation Imaging Sensors

May 2008 [PDF] Nextreme Announces New OptoCooler UPF40 Module

March 2008 [PDF] Nextreme Awarded Seminal Patent in Nanotechnology to Boost Efficiency of Thermoelectrics

March 2008 [PDF] Nextreme Honored By Electronic Products with 2007 Product of the Year Award

January 2008 [PDF] Nextreme Embeds Thin-Film OptoCooler™ into Laser Diode Packages - Signals New Generation of Optoelectronics Cooling

January 2008 [PDF] Nextreme Announces New UPF OptoCooler™ Thermoelectric Platform


October 2007 [PDF] Nextreme Expands Manufacturing Capacity to Meet Flip Chip Demand

October 2007 [PDF] Nextreme Announces Breakthrough in Flip Chip Semiconductor Process Technology - the Thermal Copper Pillar Bump

August 2007 [PDF] Nanostructured thin film eTEG™ harvests and converts waste heat into electricity

August 2007 [PDF] Nextreme Honored By Advanced Packaging with 2007 Thermal Management Technology Award

June 2007 [PDF] Nanostructured eTEC™ Seamlessly Embeds Into Applications for Heating, Cooling and Power Generation Requirements

June 2007 [PDF] Nextreme’s eTEC™ Technology Provides Hot Spot Cooling for ICs

May 2007 [PDF] Nextreme Enhances eTech Technology To Increase Performance

April 2007 [PDF] Nextreme Funds Heat Transport Research at the University of Waterloo