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It's easy to stay on top of the news and other revisions to our site with RSS. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's a method that lets companies like Nextreme make stories available for automatic download and display by modern web browsers (like Firefox and Safari) as well as by some e-mail programs.

You don't need to understand a lot of technology or acronyms to subscribe to the RSS feed. Just tell your RSS-enabled web browser or e-mail program the address of the feed, and the program will automatically check for new stories, usually on a schedule that you choose.

RSS subscription methods vary, depending on the program you use:

  • Windows Internet Explorer 7 and Microsoft Outlook 2007: click the RSS button on a Web page and then click Subscribe to this feed.
  • Firefox web browser (PC or Mac): If a web page has an RSS feed associated with it, a small orange icon (Firefox RSS) at the bottom right corner of the browser window will allow you to create a "Live Bookmark" that constantly updates with headlines from the feed. Click the icon, then click the "Subscribe to Nextreme..." popup line that appears. Tell Firefox what to call the bookmark, which folder to save it in, and click OK.
  • Safari web browser (Mac): Go to a web page with an associated RSS feed and click the blue "RSS" icon (Safari RSS) that appears in the Safari address bar. Tell Safari what to call the bookmark and what folder to save it in, then click OK.

If your browser or e-mail program does not support RSS, you can install a separate RSS reader to receive the feeds. There are a wide variety of options on the Internet. To obtain the address for the Nextreme feed, click on the orange XML button and copy the URL from your browser's Address field. (Or, for Windows PC users, right-click on the button and select Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut.) Then paste the address where requested by the subscription process.